Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last night I wrote about synchronicity and today I experienced another example.  One of the blogs that I follow, A Thoughtful Place, posted a beautiful quote. The author of this blog explained how 2010 was a pretty difficult year, but that she is thinking about following some of her dreams this year. (Perhaps that's another word for living with intention, my theme for this year and my artistic journey.)  The quote was actually something this author found on another blog, The Shabby Nest.  That author, too, expressed her sense of exhaustion from the difficult year in 2010 and her hopes and dreams for a better 2011.  Yesterday I wrote that a number of my friends decided that they were going to be intentional this year.  Most of these women feel a need to get back to their own artistic self and discover whomever that person may be and live that life intentionally, with purpose and vivacity. Ladies, this quote is for you:

"She went out a on a limb, had it break off behind her, and realized she could fly."
Kobi Yamada

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