Saturday, January 15, 2011

If you show a woman a work of geometric art...

...she may begin to think that she can do that. She will ask for $5 and tell you that she has a wonderful idea. You may want to know about her idea, and so she says that she will tell you but she has to go to the craft store and if you will drive her there she will tell you her idea. Once you get the craft store, she remembers that there is yarn on sale and she simply must look at it. A "quick look" turns into 35 minutes shuffling through all the yarn until she finds the perfect color to knit a blanket for a birthday coming up (in three months). Birthdays remind her of photographs, which reminds her that she needs a frame. She looks and looks through the frames in clearance until she finds one that is nearly perfect except for a minor scratch on the paint. The scratch on the paint tells her she should go to the art supplies section of the store, and when she gets there she remembers what she wanted in the first place: paper and paint to recreate the geometric art. Supplies in tow, you head home so that she can begin her project. When you get home, she remembers that she has other paint already. The paint has not been used in a while and is in the closet underneath a year's worth of other supplies. You help her carefully unload everything in the closet until you find, at the very bottom of a box on the floor, her few paint supplies. The woman is ecstatic: she can paint! She rushes to the kitchen table, spreads out her supplies, and begins work. You wait and you wait. She works and works and works. Finally, hours later, it is done. Wonderful! Time to put everything away. You help wash the paint brushes. You put the paint away and replace all the boxes in the closet. You are just about to sit down and relax when *ding* you get an e-mail from a buddy showing you a beautiful piece of geometric art. Of course you have to share, forgetting that if you show a woman a work of geometric art...


  1. I LOVE it! Totally reminds me of the "If You Take A Mouse to School" books. We love those. What a great guy though!

  2. He is a great guy, especially since he puts up with all of my craziness (and my distract-ability ;-). And I was hoping that it would sound like that "If you give a ______ a _______ series" -- I love reading those to little ones! Thanks!! :-)


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