Thursday, January 27, 2011

The reason why I'm anxiously anticipating the arrival of spring...

I love gardening. It probably has something to do with peace and quiet and sun, but I do love it.  Sadly, the soil in my yard likes to kill vegetables (even things like zucchini, which one would think should grow like a weed and produce enough that we drown in a pile of green, squashy veggies).  Now I garden in a space that we use a few miles down the road, but I could not say no to having veggies right outside my door, so we started container gardening.  On our front steps we grow tomatoes, tomatillos, citrus (although the usually don't ripen in our short summers -- but the flowers smell heavenly), peppers, herbs, and columnar apple trees.  Last summer was an odd season, since it was cold and rainy for so long and we never really had good growing weather, but we still were able to get some veggies -- and the green tomatoes left in November made great pie!

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  1. looks great & very inviting with all the plants around the steps. I love the huge red doors you have! thanks for sharing. xo
    kristen @justlivesimply


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