Sunday, January 23, 2011

The reason I love spray paint

I love spray paint. My first attempts at art in painted form involved spray paint because it was cheap, easy, fun.  Honey says that I would love probably love screen printing since I love this form of spray painting so much.

I love leaf art prints, but who wants to pay that price?

Trust me: it's cheap, it looks good, and it's done in a short amount of time so it's very satisfactory.

Steps to create art (sorry about the photos --next time I do this I'll take better pictures):
  1. Take canvas (save a Michael's or Joann's 40% or 50% off coupon and it's a good price) and choose leaves to use on the art.
  2. Pick a few extra leaves and test on newspaper. Spray paint the back on the leaf (with the most ridges) and press it on the newspaper. This will give you an idea of what it will look like on canvas. Once you have chosen leaves that you like - I recommend fern, palm, bleeding heart, or something else that has a lot of definition -- make sure you have clean leaves for the canvas.
  3. Spray paint the canvas. Sometimes a mottled paint, like this, is a nice idea: 

  1. Once the base coat on the canvas has dried, spray paint the back of the leaf and carefully press onto the canvas.
  2. Wait until it dries and hang up -- it looks great in-person, trust me! :-)
 Have fun painting!


  1. Thanks for linking up at my blog bash K.I.S.S=Keep It Simple Sunday, I appreciate your creativity.

  2. Thank you, Christina! I enjoy reading your blog, too. :-)

  3. Cool project! Looks great! Where to do this in our house????

  4. Thanks! Good luck to you when you find a spot -- it's fast and fun! :-)

  5. This project also works well with small canvases if you can find flexible small leaves that have well-defined shapes. I did a few prints on little square canvases, and a couple on those blank canvas tote bags you can find at Michael's for a couple dollars. Bleeding Heart actually works well -- one day I walked around our yard clipping all the leaves I liked and then spray painted them and pressed them onto newspaper to see which varieties worked best.

    Have fun!

  6. Fabulous idea! Great job! Thanks for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party as well! Always nice to see a new face!

  7. Thanks Allison! And thank you for hosting the Catch a Glimpse party -- what a fun idea!


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