Monday, January 24, 2011

A better version of a mod podge frame

I was not pleased with my initial version of a mod podge frame:

While I loved the paper, I didn't really think through using cardstock. Note to self: it doesn't work well if you need to bend corners.

So I tried something else today.  I had another $1 wooden frame that I bought at Michael's months ago:

I took a 12"x12" scrapbook-sized piece of regular-weight paper (purchased on sale for $0.25) and cut it into strips and then used Mod Podge to attach the strips to the frame. (Note to Self #2: 12x12 is barely big enough, so don't mess up -- or make sure to buy two pieces of paper.)

The process of attaching the paper to the frame was made a bit more difficult by the furry baby who thinks she's a parrot:

After I let the frame dry a bit, I opened some wallpaper cut-outs I bought at Joann's. 

Each package contains multiple cut-outs and was only $1, but of course I used my coupons so that they ended up being $0.50 each and I have plenty of leftovers for future projects.  I attached a couple pieces to the frame, printed the quote I love on colored cardstock, and I now have a new piece of inspirational art for just a couple dollars!

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