About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am so you've joined me on this wild ride through cyberspace and life.

This is me:

I'm an educator.  I worked as a high school teacher and then at a university doing professional development for teachers (and a few other things -- I became "Doctor" in April 2011, so most of my time up until then was spent working or studying), which was fun -- but I missed "my kids"!  In the summer of 2012, I found a place where I can work with students (a bit) and educators (a lot) designing systems and programs to improve education.  For now, this is a great fit.  I am very passionate about education and teaching and helping people learn.  I originally started this blog as an outlet for some of my educational soapboxes but then I realized that might not be the most effective use of my time and I put the blog aside.

For a time I focused on other things that I love, such as gardening, cooking,
Grow, tomatillos, grow!

Homemade english muffins!

and taking care of my five furry babies.

Canvas the Crazy

Lotus, the world's best dog (a pit bull), with her best friend,
Thumper the Shih Tzu.
Bunny the Cat (with Nora)
The furry babies and I live with my Honey, who is my best friend and love of my life. This year, 2013, we will celebrate our twelfth anniversary!

Over a decade of exciting years -- and we're looking forward to many more.  We've been pretty lucky -- we love many of the same things (good wine, good food, good books, good pets, and traveling adventures). Honey even puts up with me when I become Crazy Craft Lady.  Or when I'm just Crazy.  

Crazy runs in my family.  And I have plenty of family to go around!  
My siblings were all together for Christmas -- very unusual! -- in 2009.
Crazy also runs in Honey's family, so I'm beginning to think that Crazy is just another word for family.  But I could be wrong.

Back to blogging...2010 was a difficult year for me and for most people I know.  That is why with the start of 2011 I decided to try something new.  I would be intentional with my year, and part of that would involve going through Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way and blogging about that experience.

This was a great learning experience -- even though I was not always as dedicated to the process as I wish to be.  I discovered I love crafting and creating.  I don't know what else I'll learn, but this blog will document everything...or at least most things.

Thanks for reading!

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