Monday, March 21, 2011

What the heck is a mug rug?

The answer to the question "What the heck is a mug rug?" is obviously "A very good idea!"  Someone, somewhere, was a genius.  And this brilliant idea is spreading throughout the world.  Here is a picture of a mug rug that was made as part of a tutorial over at Sew We Quilt:
I am even more fascinated by this one, not because of its looks but because it was made by a man who is a funeral director and father by day and quilter by night! He even made his own tutorial.

What's a person to do with all this beautiful creativity floating around in the world?  Well, my BlogFriend over at Sew Happy Geek had a wonderful idea: a mug rug swap!!  Isn't that AbFab?  I thought so.  Join me and let's see what we can create between now and May 6!

SewHappyGeek Mug Rug Button


  1. How cute! That would be a good beginner quilting project.

  2. This is so cute - I've never seen or head of this before (but I don't follow toooo many sewing blogs because I'm NOT talented in that type of crafting at all). But maybe some day if I start quilting I'll start with something cute like this! : )


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