Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 20: A Picture of Someplace I'd Love to Travel

Today's task in the Thirty Day Challenge is probably the easiest of the whole month (that's good, I need a freebie!).  I love to travel.  Thankfully, Honey does, too.  We love people-watching, the excitement of the airport, the thrill (and slight terror) of flight, the adventurism that accompanies exploring a new place and trying to learn a modicum of new language in order to communicate.  The one thing that I do not like about travel (in fact, I hate it!) is leaving my furry babies.  Being gone for ten hours at work is hard enough -- leaving for days at a time is sheer torture!  If I could bring them with me everywhere I went, I would.  Since I can't, I try to plan well in advance and look hard to find someone I trust to stay with them 24/7.

This summer, we'll be returning to Vietnam.
We hope to make a stop in Thailand while there.  My furry babies will be with a brother, who has promised to care for them like his own.  (Truth be told, I'll probably return home and find my plants dead but my furry babies fat and happy -- this brother likes to give the babies extra food and spoils them a bit.)

I am happy to return to Vietnam.  But if I had my choice of returning anywhere, it would be to Prague, the most beautiful city in the world.  I love Prague.
Of course this post is not supposed to be about returning somewhere but about exploring someplace new.  New how?  If the answer is "new as a couple," then I would like to return to South Korea -- a place Honey hasn't seen -- or Israel -- a place we've both been to but never together -- or go to Greece, where Honey has been but I have not.  I might also choose Austin, Texas, but that is only for the food.  Specifically one restaurant. 

Honey raved about it enough that if I were a gazillionare with my own jet I'd probably hop over and check it out for myself.  I could say the same thing about going to San Jose, CA.  Honey has a beloved restaurant and I am all about food, so of course I want to go.

This picture of Mezcal was taken from their FB page.

If, however, I am "supposed" to be talking about a brand new place, someplace neither one of us has ever been, a place made for exploring, I have a few cities at the top of my list:
Found this via Google's image search
Istanbul.  Beautiful.  Historic. 

Ditto to the Google image search.

Buenos Aires.  "Paris of South America."  It has a large population of Jews and the only kosher McDonald's outside of Israel (as far as I know).

Unfortunately, both of these cities tend to fall outside our budget range, which is why we haven't had a chance to go yet.  But one day I hope to see these beautiful sights...and then maybe get around to the "new to us as a couple" locations as well.


  1. oh fun! sounds like you've had some amazing travels already. where in Vietnam? we loved Thailand & I think about our trip there all the time. i would go back in a heart beat!

  2. We did love Vietnam! We traveled all over, really. We stayed with family south of Saigon most of the time but we did travel to the beach for a day, stayed in Saigon a day, and traveled north to Hanoi and Ha Long Bay for a few days. This time around we're planning on traveling several different places in Vietnam but spending a good four or five days in Thailand. If you -- anyone! -- has suggestions for Thailand, I'm all ears!


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