Monday, March 7, 2011

Day Three: Cast Photo from My Favorite Show

As I was thinking about the assignment for Day Three of the Thirty Day Challenge, I realized I would be hard pressed to decide on one show as my favorite.  We don't have cable, but thanks to Hulu and Netflix we've been able to stay fairly current and there are shows that we love to watch each week.  Honey and I have similar tastes for the most part, so I've decided to post five comedies and five dramas that we like.  Some are no longer on the air (generally thanks to the idiots who decide the lineup at Fox), but we still love them and own them on DVD so we can watch episodes at any time.


Arrested Development (we used it watch it every week when it was on the air!)

Better Off Ted

Coupling (BBC version -- except for the fourth/final season, which was crap because they replaced one of the actors)

Modern Family

Cougar Town


Lie To Me


White Collar


Burn Notice

There are other shows that I love and could've listed -- Raising Hope, Psych, Eureka, Good Guys, Bones -- but this is enough for now.  Really, I don't just watch tv all day....


  1. Would you believe out of all those shows Lie To Me is the only one I used to watch and NCIS is the only other one I've ever heard of.

  2. I keep hearing that Arrested Development was a good show. Didn't it have a short run, though? I keep meaning to watch this online.

    Congrats on being featured on our blog, yaaay! I just loved the envelopes & cards! :-)


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