Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day Two: A Picture of Me and a Friend I've Known the Longest

The task for this day (of the Thirty Day Challenge): a picture of me and the person with who I have been closest longest in my life.  This is hard, at least in some regard.  I am closest overall to Honey, since that is the person I see the most in my life.  Honey has known me as an awkward, geeky teenager, a precocious young adult, and the woman I am now...and has stuck by me the whole time.  Pretty amazing!  Very, very few people who knew me as a teenager still know me.  I've changed so much I wonder if I would be recognizable, at least when it comes to my beliefs and personality (my looks, minus about three feet of hair and with the addition of gray hair and wrinkles, are still pretty much the same).

The one other person in my life who has been near me through all of life's craziness and my changes is Bestie #1.  I have two best friends in life, and while I see Bestie #2 more often (probably because she lives 1.5 miles away), Bestie #1 is the person who met me in high school and hung around long enough to see where we'd go in life.  I met Bestie #1 and Honey in the same activity group in high school, but Bestie #1 and I joined a year before Honey came into the picture.  My baby turned 18 this year, which means that I've known Bestie #1 for about that long, give or take a few months.  We've been through so much together: family crazy, our own personal crazy, living across the world and the country from each other, and still we're together.  One year, shortly after high school, I lived on the other side of the country and she lived on the other side of the world.  We wrote lengthy epistles just about every week as a means of staying in touch.  This summer she moves across the country again, and I look forward to the event that forces me to write on a regular basis.  I do not, however, look forward to knowing she's thousands of miles away.  Thank goodness we now have cell phones and email to supplement our paper correspondance!

I love you, Bestie, and I will certainly miss you.
August 2008 -- Was that really three years ago already? Where does the time go?

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  1. What a sweet entry.
    And I must say that if I met you on the street, I'd never thought you had an 18 year old (you look too young!).


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