Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Ten: Things Are More Fun When Shared

Yesterday, after three weeks of 18-20-hour days, I finally crashed.  I felt so ill, but I think it was exhaustion.  That is, primarily, the reason why I did not post.  I'm trying to ignore the Guilt Monster that likes to taunt me by saying "What, you couldn't take 15 minutes out of your day to sit and blog?"  Shut up, Guilt Monster.  You know the crazy days I've had lately.

And so today I am posting the task for Day Ten of the Thirty Day Challenge: a picture of the person with whom I do the "most messed up things."  That would be Bestie #2. 

Of course our "messed up things" usually involve the following:
  1. Consuming huge amounts of fried food late at night when we should be sleeping.
  2. Singing in the car (or with Band Hero) at the top of our lungs.
  3. Teasing my little brothers.
  4. Acting silly and laughing all the time.
  5. Painting rooms of the house at midnight.
  6. Obsessively creating some new art project.
Yes, I know.  We're rebels. 

It may not sound like much, but we have fun.  And one of the reasons we have fun is that we can both let our hair down (so to speak) together.  Last weekend a brother asked me, "Are you drunk?"  Nope.  Unless one can be drunk on laughter and silliness, in which case the answer could be "yes."  It was just a strange experience for my youngest brothers, who are used to seeing me rather straight-laced, seeing me laughing and acting silly for little or no apparent reason.  I've always had to be responsible, adult.  I believe that I was born age 40 and then just increased in age from there.  But being with Bestie #2 reminds me to slow down, have fun, and relax...even if it's just a few hours on a weekend.

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