Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day Eight: A Picture that Makes Me Laugh

The further I get along this path of the Thirty Day Challenge the more I think it's fairly difficult.  Perhaps that is what journeys of self-discovery are all about.

Today's task would seem simple at first glance: a picture that makes me laugh.  But are we talking about an LOL moment or something more LQTM?  And do we mean all the time, or...?  Or maybe "smile" is good enough?

For a place with photos that always makes me laugh out loud, visit Awkward Family Photos. Sure, there are other things in life that make me smile or giggle, but how many actually provide real uproarious laughter?

A photo or image that always makes me smile is this:
We call this pose "dead bug dog" and I love seeing it.  Lotus is always so happy when she's sleeping and stretches into this pose!

And finally, in case those two options did not satisfy the requirements of Day Eight, I have on final card to play.  It's not a picture, it's a website.

Before I started blogging, I started reading a blog called Hyperbole and a Half.  I think that the author must be my brother, Tin Man's, long lost twin because she tells stories in the same voice, her stories sound like things we've experienced growing up, and her artistic renderings are similar to Tin Man's.  There are so many stories that we -- the family -- love, but let me leave you with one in particular:

The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas

You're welcome.  Enjoy.

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