Sunday, March 13, 2011

Devastation in Japan

Today I saw a link at the NYTimes that shows the devastation in Japan.  Satellite photos of areas before and after the earthquake and tsunami are almost unbelievable.  Earthquakes and their aftermath is nothing new to Japan, and so they plan for it in building codes, disaster preparation, etc.  To know that the death toll is, some say, approaching 10,000, and that huge portions of cities are completely wiped out is something that boggles the mind.

I feel helpless in these situations and wish that I could do something to aid in the relief effort.  My abilities in this area are limited, but I can give money to organizations that help in the disaster relief.  And when these disasters occur, I know which organization I turn to: MercyCorps.  They are amazing.  And so if you were wondering where you, too, could turn to offer some support (even $10 helps!), you can donate to MeryCorps and the Japanese disaster relief by clicking here.

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