Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day One: A Picture of Me and Random Facts

There is a fad racing across Facebook right now.  When I saw it, the title was "30 Days."  It sounded fun, so I decided to participate and do my own Thirty Days.  Then I saw it on BlogLand when I checked out BlogFriend Leslie's blog.  I am not sure how the basic premise began or even what its original intent was, but the tasks sounded like those out of The Artist's Way (all an effort to know one's self) and so I decided to participate.  Here is Day One.

Day One: Post a picture of yourself and fifteen (or ten) random facts.

Lisbon, Portugal

  1. I've had many nicknames, but I love that in college some called me "Mom" and as a teacher I had kids call me "Mom" or "Mama B."
  2. I love reading and would gladly get lost in a good book.
  3. Few things make me happier than drinking wine and watching some television with my Honey.
  4. I love my animals more than anything.
  5. I don't have biological children, but I spent several years raising baby boys and now periodically I have teenagers that live with me, so I think I'll always be "Mom," at least in some way.
  6. Every morning I have a lattee and an english muffin for breakfast.
  7. I have four tattoos with a plan for at least two more.  I have to think about tattoos for years before I decide to have anything done.
  8. I love traveling, especially traveling with Honey, but I hate leaving my furry babies behind, even for a night.
  9. When I was young I thought God or Someone had made a mistake.  I thought my hair was supposed to be black.  It wasn't, so I set my heart on a partner who had black hair.  My Honey has black hair and blue eyes -- and I now dye my hair black.  All is good in the world.
  10. I am terrified of deep water, especially if I can't see the bottom. No cruises for this girl!
  11. I've had a mega-crush on Edward Norton since Keeping the Faith
  12. I love all types of music, but given my choice and depending on my mood I am usually listening to Harry Connick Jr., Roy Orbison & Sam Cooke, or more classic folk like Peter, Paul & Mary. (I also love Everclear, Eve 6, Green Day, & Blink 182, but they tend to be secret indulgences.)
  13. I adore Chrisopher Guest movies and my favorite is A Mighty Wind.
  14. I have a few dreams in life, including going to Istanbul (just to see the sights) and living out in the middle of nearly nowhere with a vineyard and orchard and garden and pets.
  15. I love serving people but I hate it when people have expectations of me.  I would gladly make exquisite meals, drive a bazillion miles out of my way to care for someone, but if that person starts expecting that kind of treatment then I resent it and stop.
I'm sure there are more things to share, but that's it for tonight!  Unless there's anything you want to know, in which case -- ask away!  We'll see if I answer... ;-)

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