Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Four: A Picture from My Favorite Night

Most of the time the way that I spend my evenings after work involves working in the massive garden (summer months) or relaxing by watching tv (and usually working on a project of some sort) with Honey after I've made dinner (winter months).  There was a time that we used to spend nights playing Wii bowling or Band Hero with friends, but for various reasons those nights are in the past.  I imagine most people would consider our nights pretty boring, but I like them.

It's hard to think of a favorite night, which is the requirement for Day Four of the Thirty Day Challenge.  There are many good memories that I have, but those can come later in the challenge.  My favorite nights in general might include curling up in front of a favorite program with a bottle of wine and Burgerville for dinner, pets on my lap, but for something more unique I would say I love the nights that we go see a play in Ashland are a few nights that I love.  We visited the city and its world renown Shakespeare festival when in high school.  It's where we went on our two day "honeymoon."  And, with the occasional exception, we've gone back every year to see...something.  Sometimes it's Shakespeare.  Sometimes it's something else, like a play about the Gunpowder Plot, as this picture illustrates.
I have never been disappointed.  I always love these nights.  True, I get very frustrated seeing people dress casually for an evening play (so disrespectful -- at least get out of your shorts and into something respectable), but aside from that it's beautiful.  The acting is amazing, we stay in a lovely little B&B, and afterwards we tend to go back to the B&B and sit outside, under the stars, drinking wine an chatting.  Could an evening be better?

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  1. Cute photo!! I feel the same way, people really need to remember the dress etiquette out of respect. I'm afraid "we" have just become so casual with everything. It's a little sad.


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