Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 17: A Picture of Something That's Made a Huge Impact on My Life Recently

As part of today's post for the Thirty Day Challenge, I could take a picture of the disaster that is currently dining room table dissertation work space.  But I don't think that the post is supposed to be about things that depress us (yes, it's depressing to work with statistics AND to have a messy space -- I hate mess).

I could also post a picture of the teenager living with us.  Going from a childless home to a home with a teenager is a big change.  I am not sure how long the arrangement will last -- anywhere from a few months to a couple years -- and we're just trying to take one day or one week at a time.  Then again, my life is used to major upheaval like this, so I am not sure that even something like this counts for the day's post.

For me, there is rarely a time when I experience something that is immediately life-changing or life-impacting.  Yes, there are the occasional deaths in families, major break-ups, disasters, and other bits and pieces of life's debris, but for the most part we all know to roll with the punches.  What I find is that it is often the little things in life that end up having the most impact -- even if I don't realize it for several years.

Take, for instance, this book, the one I'm focused on for 2011 (well, the train's been derailed a bit this month, but it will be back up & running in no time):

I started reading The Artist's Way a few years ago and never made it very far, but I did adopt writing "morning pages."  I had, at the time, an extremely stressful job.  Writing was a way to clarify what I wanted and needed.  I got out of the job and started looking for one that would be a bit more nurturing, healthier.  What happened after that is a long story, or even several long stories.  Suffice it to say I started reflecting more, listening to my inner self more, and eventually that led me here: to a year in which I decide to make it all the way through this book, embark on creative recovery, and embrace my crafty self.

I don't know where things will lead, but the joy of the journey lies in discovery, not in knowing the destination, and I discover new things all the time.


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  2. Congratulation, Marie! You are the lucky recipient of a new follower. ME! Hold your applause please.
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    I am the queen of clutter. I have a tendency to pile papers and such on to my counter top, dresser, and coffee table. Don't move anything! I know where it all is. Lucky for me, my husband is an excellent de-clutter-er (Is that a word? If not, it should be.)
    See you again soon.


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