Monday, March 14, 2011

Day Nine: A Supportive Person

For today's bit in the Thirty Day Challenge I am supposed to provide a picture of the person who's gotten me through the most.  The most what?  My propensity to procrastinate?  My undergrad or graduate school experience?  The most harrowing year in my job?  The most complex year?    The most difficult relationships?  The most trouble?  The most fun?  Answers to each of those questions vary.

My solution to this problem was to look ahead.  Who might I mention in future tasks this month?  I've mentioned Bestie #1 already, and since she is the person who's been with me for nearly 18 years, I can pretty much safely say she's helped me work through difficult relationships and situations.  I think that I'll mention Honey, Bestie #2, and another friend (we'll call her MaMere) in future posts.

In thinking about everything, I've decided to focus on two beautiful women who helped me through the most complex year at work.  We all helped each other, agreeing that were we to be by ourselves we probably would've gone a bit crazy.  Diversity is something that my profession said it was all about, by my team was walking, living proof of how amazing things can be when people work together and represent diverse backgrounds.  We helped and complimented each other and every single day we laughed.
 I would never in a million years want to go back to the stress and frustration of that job that year (I lost 40 pounds in six months from the stress), but I would love the opportunity to work -- and laugh -- with these ladies again.

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  1. Marie,
    It is so great that you three had each other during that one needs a stress diet.



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