Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sometimes a Tuesday is more frustrating than a Monday

I don't mind Mondays. Aside from the fact that they signal the beginning of the work week, they're not too bad.  I tend to feel productive, and although I cannot see the light at the end of the week's tunnel yet, feeling productive is very satisfactory to me, so it's good.  Tuesday, however, is not that way.

Tuesdays are, perhaps, my least favorite days.  They are not at the start of a work week, so there's nothing new about them.  They are not Hump Day or Thursday, which is pretty close to Friday, which is an awesome day because it means that in the evening I can watch a movie, stay up late, and wake up knowing it's a Saturday and I have a day of craft and house and yard projects ahead of me.  Yes, Tuesdays pretty much suck.

Normally I have a better attitude, but today was a very frustrating day.  It started early and then went downhill.  The dress I grabbed for work ended up being too short (a hazard when one works in education -- the modesty quotient is a bit higher than other professional careers), so I was later than I wanted to be getting out of the house because I had to find a different outfit.  The person I was meeting with forgot that we'd had a meeting scheduled, but it ended up working out.  I was stuck behind old people driving, making the normally 45-minute trip even longer.  I went to a thrift store hoping to pop in and find some inspiration and all I found was outrageously-priced bric-brac and creepy people who followed me around the store, staring at me. Then I stopped in at Joann's to get 1.5 yards of fabric.  After waiting for 20 minutes for someone to help me, I finally left without the fabric.  The art project I started when I got home turned out to be a two-person job (more on that later), so I had to wait until Honey got home.  The vacuum kept trying to break as I used it.  And to top it off I really, really wanted junk food but Guilt Monster told me I was too fat and hadn't exercised enough.

These things don't address everything in the day (like trying to go through my late Grandmother's paperwork & misc. things she left for me, trying to deal with Crazymaker, or realizing too many deadlines are crashing together at work), but it gives a partial view into my day.  It was definitely a Tuesday.  Not the best day.

I decided to sit down and write "morning pages" a bit, just in the afternoon, to vent some of my frustration.  This works well!  In fact, I released most of the frustration through writing (at least for a time, until I had to deal with Crazymaker again).  I can highly recommend morning pages.

And I was able to at least start on two projects.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.  I want to try and get at least one done and if I do, I'll post pictures.

Thank you for listening to the rant.  I appreciate it.  And now you know why I don't like Tuesdays.

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