Friday, February 11, 2011

Revolutions and reflections...the day keeps getting better!

When I taught high school I created a class called Civil Change.  It focused on revolutions and civil movements that brought about dramatic change in the 20th century.  I loved studying and teaching about revolutions and change.  That is why I've been riveted by the events in Egypt recently.

Photo from MSNBC's photoblog and from!/NevineZaki
Egypt has been under a dictator for thirty years.  Today, Mubarak, the dictator, stepped down.  The military has taken control...for now.  The people in Egypt have the right to be so proud: they peacefully protested against Mubarak and faced beatings (and worse) and today they saw the fruits of their labor.

Of course this is only the beginning.  Now Egypt has to begin the hard work of building a new government.  And I am very excited to see what happens.  Maybe, hopefully, they'll take some lessons from my hero, Vaclav Havel, and my favorite revolution, the Velvet Revolution:

One of the best parts of my day came when I received a message from a former student.  Here is what he said:
Just wanted to send you a quick message letting you know I've been following the Egypt situation and have just been reminded of all the lessons from your revolutions class coming true. Young people beginning the revolution, it's origins rooted in money, etc.

Was just noticing all these things and was thinking of you and your class and thought it should be noted that your recipe for revolutions holds true nearly every time. Thought that was really cool, as should you. 

What a good day!!


  1. Wow...isn't it so amazing to have students come back and share! I taught high school chemistry for 5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed following many of my students via FB to see where their "adult" lives have taken them.

    It sounds as if you were an amazing teacher!

    I am humbled that you would nominate me! I'm so very new to all this! Thank you!!

  2. Thanks, Nicole! It really is so nice to be able to follow students into their adult lives! Even though it does make me feel a bit old attending lots of weddings and baby showers for people who are still 14 or 15 years old in my memory. :-)

    And you do deserve a blog award -- I love following your blog!

  3. How nice to know that your students really got something from your teaching. It sounds like you really poured your heart into it and now look at the fruit of your labor!


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