Sunday, February 13, 2011

It'll do...for now

This evening I decided to make a couple more paint chip flowers so that I could hang them all together.

I love black and white photos. Sadly, they don't match most of my colorful house.  The guest bathroom is the room that I devoted to b&w art, so these flowers are the first bits of framed color that I've put there.  You can see a bit of the difference in this photo:
If I can find a large b&w print that I like, or something with umbrellas, that's about the size of these three flowers together I'll end up putting it in this space (above the towel rack).  For now, the colorful flowers are here.  I used shades to match my shower curtain, the other bit of color (besides the bright orange walls) in my bathroom of b&w prints.

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  1. Clever use of paint chips! What if you made your own B&W print using black, white, and shades of gray paint chips?


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