Sunday, June 5, 2011

Creative Day 4: Reclaimed Treasures (Rene & Sara are not allowed to read this)

Seriously.  Rene and Sara, you had better not be reading this!

Or maybe you just don't like surprises.

In any case, consider yourselves warned.

Last week I went to Good Will and found a couple horribly ugly ceramic owls. 

Interestingly enough, both my sister and sister-in-law love owls.  I was pretty convinced that one day I could give these hideous creatures a new lease on life and send them to happy homes.  Today was that day.

I spent a few hours in the hot sun (the first time we've seen sun in a LONG time here), mowing and working on our garden space.  After 2.5 hours spent in 80 degree weather trying to push a million-pound non-push mower across  tall grass, I was exhausted.  I did not want to do anything else today, but sometimes we don't have a choice about what has to be done.

I did have a choice about art.  Today was Day Four of Thirty Creative Days.  I chose something simple.  I spray painted the owls.

Normally when I spray paint, I choose either chalkboard paint or a bright color, generally something turquoise.  I am aware enough to realize that a color would date the ceramics.  Black paint is out because the owls are not going to Bette Middler's house circa 1985.  A classic color for figurines is heirloom white, which is what I chose for the owls.  And I can handle while in very small doses.
I think it's an improvement.  And thankfully I had enough energy for this project today.  Now...what will tomorrow hold?

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  1. Wow, they look totally different! I like the white. Good choice! They look very posh now. :)


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