Thursday, June 2, 2011

Creative Day 2: Necktie Flower Pin

I've wanted to try this idea ever since I saw the tutorial on Mama Jill's blog.  A necktie into a flower pin?  Yes, please!

I've kept my eyes open for ties, but the thrift shops here seem rather expensive.  I did have a bit of luck last week and bought a tie for $3 -- it will eventually be turned into a pin for Bestie #2 because she is a principal and the tie is in her school colors.  But of course I could not experiment on that tie.  I tried to raid Honey's closet, but that did not go over well.  ("What are you doing? Put that tie back!" "You never wear ties!"  "I sometimes wear ties. I like that tie!" -- For the record, for the past four years, Honey has worn a tie three times and all three times it's been the same tie. Honey has not touched the other ten ties in the closet. But I digress.)  I did finally manage to lay my hands on three ties and then I remembered that Crazymaker gave Honey a Shakespeare tie about five years ago.  It's been in the craft box ever since, pleading for a new life as a non-hideous object.

Tonight, Master Shakespeare-tie got his wish.
It's not as nice as the tutorial, but I'll try again soon.  And it's much better in person...

Day Two: done!


  1. I love LOVE love this!

  2. I can *so* hear that conversation! ;)
    (And just in case you're worried, I dutifully scrolled past your latest post without looking. Whatever secret's in there is still a secret.)


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