Tuesday, January 17, 2012


SOPA -- the Stop Online Piracy Act is a severe form of censorship. You can Google about it (enter the phrase "stop sopa") and learn a bit about it.  You can read a blog post from across the world even though this Act originated in our country, the United States.  A country where we are supposed to be free.  A country in which freedom of speech (aside from public endangerment, like yelling "Fire!" in a crowded building) is supposed to be protected and respected -- even when it allows for racist or bigoted speech or uncivil political discourse. Some say that this Act push the US towards China's system of censorship.

In support of this, I am going to avoid blogging on Wednesday, January 18, and have my own mini "shut down" just as sites like Wikipedia are doing.

Maybe one day will make a difference.

Or not.

But we never know until we try.

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