Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 1 -- Self-Portrait

In my first post of the new year, I said that I was going to try the 30 Day Photo Challenge and and 31 Days to a Better Photograph.  Why not start on the first day of the year?  Seems as good a time as any.

Photography Challenge Day One: Self-Portrait
Ack! We're blurry and I need longer arms!
31 Days Lesson: Always take a picture.

The lesson "always take the picture" is a good one, something I tried even back in high school when everything was on film and my camera and technique lacked refinement.  In fact, as a teenager I think that I drove people to distraction taking so many pictures.  That's a habit I stepped out of as an adult.  It seemed too much work, even with the ease of digital cameras now (making it convenient to delete horrible photographs instead of paying to see what turned out on a 24-exposure roll).  Yet I do love taking pictures, so when Honey got a DSLR for Christmas, we were both inspired to start learning about how to take good pictures and part of that includes taking pictures of everything.

As a side note, one of the things I am trying to remember to do this year is "watermark" my photographs.  We'll see how long I remember to do that...

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