Monday, January 2, 2012

Menu Mondays?

The thought of having such exquisite blog organization that I actually have themed posts on certain days throughout the week intrigues me.  But can I really pull that off?  I am afraid that if I try to commit to that in addition to all my other plans for the year that I will just be too overwhelmed.

That said, I was very proud of myself for coming up with a menu for a whole week yesterday.  Yes, I know many women do this all the time, but I feel lucky if I know what I'm cooking a day ahead of time and Honey does not like being questioned about food during any non-meal time, so planning a whole week was a big deal in my world.  Maybe one day I'll supply a "Menu Monday" with photographs and links.  For right now, I'll just use this as a way to track what we're eating this week.

Sunday -- French onion soup
Monday -- Hubbard squash gratin + spinach salad
Tuesday -- Baked potato soup + salad
Wednesday -- Curried hubbard squash soup with roasted squash seeds
Thursday -- leftovers
Friday -- BLTs or leftovers
Saturday -- saabzi (spinach) and crock pot butter chicken
Sunday -- crock pot chicken & dumplings

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