Monday, May 2, 2011

Mug Rugs (It's not as dirty as it sounds)

There's a crazy in BlogLand right now and I finally gave into that craze: mug rugs.  Honey thinks it sounds dirty, or like code for something dirty, but it's really not.  A mug rug is merely a small quilt, more or less, for your cup of coffee or tea or chocolate.

I heard about mug rugs only recently and was so taken by them that I decided to participate in a "Mug Rug Swap."  My lovely BlogFriend, Jenna, at Sew Happy Geek, hosted her first swap this past month and will host another starting May 7.

Jenna kindly put links to a bunch of tutorials on her blog, so I won't bother reposting, I'll just tell you to check out what she's done (you can click on the button at the bottom of this post.

My inspiration came from the links I found at Jenna's.  Here is what I did tonight:

I need to make a few more by Friday...guess I know what I'll be working on in the evenings this week!

SewHappyGeek Mug Rug Button

I tend to link up at these different Party Pages.


  1. Oh wow, they look really cool! Is that music fabric? Well done! I can't believe the first swap is already over and it's time to do the page again for the next one. How time flies when you aren't looking. :)

  2. aren't they fun! I love mug rugs, think I'm going to make some for mother's day gifts. Yours look good, I like the pocket idea for hold those important rug items ;)


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