Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 29: A picture that makes me smile

I love art in many forms.  Not all forms.  I'm not going to pay hundreds or thousands for White on White on White Canvas or for some piece of "social commentary" that involves bodily fluids.  I will also not have Thomas Kinkade prints hanging in my house (**gag**) and I do try to avoid most mass-produced art (although at one point in my life I used to buy pictures from Target or Ross).  But I love photographs, canvases or paintings that seem a little out of the ordinary, and I love repurposing something into art.  In my kitchen, I have three framed "prints" on the wall -- two are towels from Crate & Barrel that I cut and then framed (keeping the excess material for quilting scraps) and one is an advertisement for Gardenburger.  But it's not just any advertisement!  It was published in a local newspaper the week that Obama was elected.  I picked up a copy of the paper and when I saw the advertisement I knew that I had to keep it.

Isn't it fun?  It makes me smile every day.

Of course I can't just leave this post for the Thirty Day Challenge with just one picture.  There are many things that make me smile -- usually photos of pets do that -- but there is one picture that I love, love, love, love and so I had to share.  It was taken when my brother returned from deployment, so it is of my brother holding my niece (his niece, too -- our sister's youngest).  I could look at this all day.  And so it's hanging in my hallway.

Good art, in my opinion, may make people think, but more often I think it just makes one's heart sigh and feel better about the world.

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  1. I feel the same way about packaged art. I'd rather paint my own goofy flower than pay for something that's cheesy and not that nice.
    So there are a few crazy paintings in my house, but they make me happy.
    That's such an amazing pic of your brother and niece!


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