Friday, April 29, 2011

My one concession to royal wedding craziness

Like most Americans (and apparently 80% of Brits, if the headline I saw was correct), I don't care too much about the royal wedding that took place in England today.  I'm American, so I don't really "get" the point of royalty.  And I'm not very sentimental, so I really don't like weddings very much.  But there is one little part of me -- I like to call it my Crazy-Aunty-We-Keep-In-The-Closet part -- that likes to sneak out of hiding every once in a while.

This week, Crazy Aunty made her appearance by pointing out that Prince William and I must have some sort of connection.

Why? I ask Crazy Aunty.  Well, she points out, Princess Diana's pregnancy (Prince William) was printed in the papers on your birthday. Now Prince William is married on the same day as your graduation ceremony.  Coincidence?

Yes, Crazy Aunty.  A total coincidence.  But thanks for thinking of me.


  1. We all have Aunt's like that. Lol!! Congrats!!

    Btw... I just awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you can make the time to stop by and accept the award


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