Monday, May 9, 2011

$3 of washers + 6' of ribbon = new necklace

I was on a necklace roll this weekend!  I think I liked this particular project because I could work on it while watching television so I felt productive.  And now I have something pretty to wear to work!

I did not come up with this idea on my own, sadly.  No, it was a genius idea I saw on another blog.  I had ribbon already and I had to go to Home Depot yesterday to get hollow wall fasteners since we were installing a few shelves in the kitchen (pictures later), so while there I picked up three packages of washers -- 1/4" (12), 5/16" (8), and 1/2" (6) -- for $2.94.

It took a while to figure out how to thread it so that it lay properly, but I eventually got the hang of it.  I think it would look better with wider ribbon, but it's fine for a first attempt.  I ended up with a long strand of ribbon on one side (and only 8" on the other), but that was on purpose.  I wanted to weave one end using the method that I found here.

Next time I think I'll make a smaller version because I prefer choker-sized necklaces and this is a bit longer than that.

Side note that is apropos of nothing: My goddaughter (who is six) made me the cutest picture this weekend -- she spelled all the words herself, too!
Isn't that adorable?


  1. I love the necklace, I am in such a rut always using beads...I really need to expand my repertoire. I like your Dr. Marie picture! All our awesome stuff goes on our fridge/freezer. It looks like hell but makes me happy. With a young goddaughter you better get some magnets, lol!

  2. Cool necklace. Thank you for visiting my blog today and the nice comment. Thank you also for choosing to follow my blog. I have returned the favor and love your blog design. Have a good day!

  3. hey Marie, was just browsing and you have been up to some craftyness! love the necklaces simple, cute, re purposed! Have a great week!

  4. Not sure what's cuter, the necklace or the picture from your god-daughter, so sweet!


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