Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cabinet Door Into Chalkboard

FINALLY!  I finished a craft project!  This hiatus from anything fun while I finished my dissertation was not pleasant at all.  The past weekend I was able to have time to get some things done, but considering I had ignored everything for a while, my to-do list was long and time for crafts almost nonexistent.  Thankfully, I had this project mostly done, which meant I had time to put the finishing touches on it and call it good (or good enough).

Here is a picture of the two cabinet doors I bought at the Habitat store for $1 each.
See that ugly door on the left?  I saw it and immediately thought "Chalkboard!" I still had a bit of chalkboard spray paint (best invention ever) leftover from various craft projects, and I had a tiny bit of bright yellow spray paint left for the border.

I cut the bird shape out of contact paper and placed it on the cabinet as I spray painted and then removed the contact paper and painted the bird.

Here it is!

Now what should I do with it?  That's my problem with crafts...I never plan ahead!

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  1. So cute! I love the fun happy colors!

  2. I love it! its a great color and the bird is really sweet.


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