Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 25: A Picture of My Day

This is, perhaps, the most boring post of the Thirty Day Challenge, for today I went to work.  My office is in a former janitor's closet.  I share half of my space with the storage from various programs in my department.  Several months ago I finally brought in a few framed photos to make my desk more hospitable, but it does little to change the depressing, windowless atmosphere of my office.  So why would I want a picture of that? 

The few years where I had a classroom of my own I was able to decorate the way that I wanted -- (fake) plants everywhere, lots of lamps, and curtains on the windows that let in plenty of natural light.  Walking into a closet is depressing.  Walking into a messy, ugly classroom is also depressing (and, sadly, I have seen plenty of classrooms like that in various high schools).

I think that people respond to their environments.  If I were to design a school it would look very comfortable, homey, and it would have very large windows everywhere.  If I had my choice of office space, it would have windows.  Lots of windows.  And colorful walls.  Tonight Honey and The Teenager and I were watching "Body of Proof," a new show that Hulu carries.  In one scene tonight it shows the medical examiner in her office and I said "That's it! That's like the office that I want! Except that Lotus would be under the desk by my feet."  Sadly, I couldn't find a picture that even came close.

The nice thing, though, is that it's now spring, and even though it's raining all the time the flowers are finally starting to bloom.  That means that when I pull up into my driveway, I see a beautiful picture.
This is from last year -- not quite an accurate example.

My house and yard have been a lot of work.  Maybe one day I'll post before and after pictures.  It's just that the "after" is still a work in progress in a number of areas.  But at least the front yard is done.  And I love it because spring through fall I arrive home and am greeted by different blooming flowers.  That is a highlight of my day.

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