Monday, October 3, 2011

Babies, babies everywhere

I keep expecting that one year in my adult life there will be a lull in the birth rate of those around me.  Needless to say, that lull has yet to arrive.  And some years seem to be a bit more full than others!  Right now there are a number of people in my life "expecting" (such an odd term).  Bestie #1's little sister is getting ready for her first, I have numerous former students who will deliver sometime between now and next June, and my little sister called to let me know that I will be an auntie for the third time over.  So many babies!  So many gifts to make!  So much anticipation!
Honey likes children when they are old enough to do things he likes --
like throwing poppers on the cement during Fourth of July.
He then likes them to go entertain themselves. 
I get my baby fix by holding the little ones.  While The Teenager believes that my collection of four-legged children is merely a replacement for the two-legged variety, that's not actually the case.  If a child were dropped in my lap because (God forbid!) something happened to the parent/s, of course I would step up to the challenge.  But voluntarily bringing one into the world -- no, thank you.  I have enough teenage and young adult kids to take care of and I am tired all the time.

Instead I will gladly play with babies, talk with toddlers, and teach school age children how to bake, read, clean, build...and then I will gladly hand those children back to their mothers at the end of the day and be grateful for my (somewhat) quiet home.
I'll do silly things to get a baby to laugh.

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