Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Second Day of Spring

How long before unusual weather becomes the norm?  And once it reaches that stage, what is the weather called, since by being normal it is no longer unusual?  I ask myself these questions after a winter like this one.  And like last year.  And the year before that.

I've lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of my life.  It's my favorite part of this beautiful country of ours.  That being said, I don't particularly care for the "normal" winter weather: rain, rain, and more rain.

Several years ago, we were stuck inside our house thanks to a monster snow storm.  That was unusual.  Last year, I don't remember if we got any snow.  It was warm and wet and stayed that way through July -- ick.

This year the weather can't make up its mind.  We had very little rainfall for a long time, then torrential downpours (causing flooding), then sun, then snow.  The first week in February was so warm and sunny that I wore a tank top when taking Lotus on a walk.  We laughed at Punxsutawney Phil and the prediction of six more weeks of winter.  Really?  With this sun?

I guess the famous rodent had the last laugh.  Yesterday, on the first day of spring, we saw the biggest snowfall of the season.  In some parts of the state, not too far from where we live but at higher elevations, people reported over six inches of snow overnight.  We're pretty close to the valley floor so we didn't see snow like that, but it's the middle of the day, the second day of Spring, and we still have snow on the ground.

Welcome, Spring!

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