Thursday, March 22, 2012

Offerings to the Kitty Fairy

"You sure know how to pick 'em."  This was what Honey said last night when we were talking about Aiko, the latest furry addition to the family.

Aiko is an amazing kitty and a good fit for our family.  Or at least she will be a good fit once she is well.  Right now she has "tummy" issues and I am trying everything I can to clear them so the poor little one (and I) can have some relief.

There are a number of things that can give cats intestinal issues, including new food, stress, a new environment, and a reaction to deworming medication.  Aiko has experienced all of those since we adopted her last Thursday evening, so it's no wonder the baby has issues.  I've just never had a cat with this level of intestinal issues.  It makes me wonder if I should put her in a diaper -- that would mean a lot less cleaning for me.

Aiko is trying to settle in.  Last night Bunny let Aiko curl up next to her -- for about five minutes.  A step in the right direction!  It's just hard when the other cats have a problem being around a stinker.

A friend pointed out that I've had some terrible luck recently with pets with Nicky's passing first and now with Aiko's illness.  In fact, I've been dealing with sick pets (and the resulting need to do at least one load of laundry every day) since mid-January.  I am tired.  And part of me wonders why the Kitty Fairy is being mean to me.

The other part of me looks at each situation -- even those that are really difficult, like caring for a dying pet or nursing a very sick little one -- and is very thankful for the experience.  Do I wish that it could be different?  Of course.  But every day I am given the opportunity to send love and goodwill into the world by caring for these little ones.  I learn patience, kindness, understanding, and suddenly these burdens seem lighter.

That being said, I really hope the Kitty Fairy has pity on me and heals the baby.  I could really use a good night's sleep and a break from laundry right about now.

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