Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Monday #6

Confession: Trying to come up with a varied, tasty, healthy menu every week is hard!  Thankfully I now have Pinterest to inspire me, otherwise I'd be stuck!

Menu, February 5-11

  • Sunday -- vegetarian white bean chili, World's Best Honey Cornbread (it really is the best -- I've also made a gluten-free version using black bean flour and it was just as good, which is incredible for GF), and salad.
  • Monday -- "Viet subs" -- bahn mi sandwiches. We make our own version, but you can see a recipe for this type of thing here. I'm normally not a big sandwich fan, but I could eat this every day. It's that good!
  • Tuesday -- Cajun shrimp, rice pasta, baby bok choy
  • Wednesday -- Freezer soup
  • Thursday -- Black bean sliders and stir-fried veggies. We had the sliders this past week and they were really good! This is definitely a winner.
  • Friday -- fish tacos
  • Saturday -- homemade pizza and salad

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