Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

It has been a busy two weeks here.  I realized in the middle of the week that I didn't post a Menu Monday (which is probably okay since it's a freezer meal week) and who knows when I last posted any decent blog.  But that's okay.  Sometimes life gets busy.  Here's a bit of a glimpse into our schedules:

Work -- Honey and I had busy weeks last week.  I think I drove about 500 miles during the week for work (yikes!), helped with a half-day professional development session for a private school, and worked on developing this business a bit more. Thank goodness I have an amazing partner who does a huge portion of the work!  It's nice to be able to work with someone so reliable and dedicated.  Honey's work week lasted through Saturday evening, since he had to lead a workshop.  That meant that during the week we were both spending evenings working and prepping and staying up way too late.  By the time Sunday rolled around we were exhausted but we still had...

Rental -- We've been updating our rental and getting it ready for the next set of renters.  This includes installing new blinds, installing a dishwasher, fixing a major plumbing issue that suddenly appeared in the bathroom, doing some touch-ups on the paint, removing the misc., things left by the previous tenant, and carpet cleaning.  We'll finish all these chores this weekend so that the house is ready March 1.  Oh, and on top of that we had to find new renters.  As of this morning, I think we finally have the family that we want.  Let me just say that I now know why some people pay property management companies to do this for them!  Between the research and screening the bazillion people that called or emailed, I think that I've spent nearly 30 hours on this since last week.  Yikes!  Of course the rest of life doesn't put itself on hold when you're busy (much as we wish), so there were also issues with...

Pets -- I was very sad this week when I discovered that Paloma the Betta was dead.  She was outside the new tank, which makes me think that perhaps one of the cats had something to do with her demise.  Bettas like to swim near the water's surface, so I have to wait to get another until I find a lid.  It's tragic because Paloma loved her new tank and her new fishy friends: Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy.

The tetras, Goodness and Mercy (tetra #3 must've been sick
because he died in under 24 hours).

Paloma the Betta

Shirley the Guppie (aka, "Shirley-this-fish-will-survive")
Nicky's still hanging in here, which is a miracle.  He started to crash last week but another acupuncture session brought him back around and he's doing well (or as well as can be expected) and he's not in pain.  He has, however, lost most bladder control, so during the day he sleeps on his bed with a puppy pad and at night he wears a diaper.

I'll say again, having pets is a lot like having children.  Now I have proof -- I'm back to changing diapers every day.

So there you have it.  A busy life.  This didn't even include a recap of book club, Women in Biz gathering, writers' group, and everything else that also goes into life.  I started getting a bit sick on Monday, probably because I was tired, but a long nap (thank you, flexible work schedule!) and an exercise sweat-it-out session helped immensely.

Oh, and I took on another dissertation editing job for a bit of extra cash.  It's a rush job, so...yeah.  But at least it's a qualitative study and it's short (under 100 pages), so not too bad.

Does life ever slow down?

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